JAVA SOK Cup Koozie

JAVA SOK Cup Koozie

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On-the-go, at your desk, in your car, literally anywhere, you can dress to impress with JavaSok. Enjoy your iced coffee, iced tea, soda, smoothies & more in comfort and style with the world’s most popular iced beverage sleeves. Replace those napkins and disposable cup sleeves with these eco-friendly, reusable beauties and never suffer from wet cold hands or drips and puddles again! Keep drinks cold all day long and cute styles you’ll never be bored with your iced beverage again! Available in a variety of sizes to fit most disposable cold beverage cups.

  • Made of 4MM coated neoprene
  • Machine Washable
  • Small 16-20oz designed to fit: Brewed & Branded Regular & Large Dunkin Starbucks Grande McCafe Medium (US/Canada), Dutch Bros Small
  • Large 30-32oz designed to fit: Brewed & Branded Biggin, Dunkin Large, Starbucks Trenta (US/Canada), McCafe X-Large, Dutch Bros Large


Size Top Diameter Height Base Diameter
Medium 3.8" 5.3" 2.8"
3.9" 6.3" 2.8"
X-Large 4.4" 6.9" 2.8"
2X-Large 4.5" 7.5" 2.9"